Missing Words I-V (Book I) (2014-2018)
For various instrumentations, to be performed separately or together (see below)
Total duration: 1:06:00

Missing Words V (2018)
For Piano Trio (violin, cello, piano)
Commissioned by Coretet an associate of Yarlung Artists, for the Neave Piano Trio
Duration: 13:00
Premiere: Neave Piano Trio, Pittman Recital Hall (Longy School of Music), Cambridge, MA: February 8, 2018

Missing Words IV (2018)
For Flute, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, Percussion
Commissioned by Boston Musica Viva for its 50th Anniversary Season
Duration: 18:00
Premiere: Boston Musica Viva, Tsai Performance Center (Boston University): November 17, 2018

Missing Words III (2017)
For Violoncello and Piano
Commissioned by Parry and Christopher Karp
Duration: 18:00
Premiere: Parry and Christopher Karp, University of Madison Wisconsin: September 4, 2018

Missing Words II (2016)
For Brass Quintet
Commissioned by the Aspen Music Festival and School, Robert Spano, Music Director
for the American Brass Quintet
Duration: 10:00
Premiere: American Brass Quintet at Aspen Music Festival, July 27, 2016

Missing Words I (2014) 
For String Quintet, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn
Composed for the Berlin Philharmonic Scharoun Ensemble
Duration: 9:00
Premiere: American Academy in Rome, February 15, 2014

Canon for Three (2015)
For Three Sopranos
Commissioned by Lucy Shelton
Composed for Tony Arnold, Lucy Shelton and Dawn Upshaw
Duration: 6:00
Premiere: Tony Arnold, Lucy Shelton and Dawn Upshaw at Resonant Bodies Festival at Merkin Hall, September 9, 2015

Soul Perching (2015)
For Soprano, Clarinet, Cello
Commissioned by Lucy Shelton
Duration: 6:00
Premiere: Lucy Shelton, Carlos Cordeiro, Megahan Burke at Resonant Bodies Festival at Merkin Hall, September 9, 2015

Why Old Places Matter (2014)
For Oboe, Horn and Piano
Commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra
Duration: 15:00
Premiere: Boston Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players, January 11, 2015

Omaggio a Gesualdo (2013) – Original Version
For String Quintet (2 Violins, 2 Violas, Cello)
Commissioned by the Chelsea Music Festival
Duration: 5:00
Premiere: Chelsea Music Festival (New York, NY): June 2013

Omaggio a Gesualdo (2013, rev. 2014)
For String Quartet
Dedicated to the JACK Quartet
Duration: 5:00
Premiere: Chelsea Music Festival (New York, NY): June 2013

DUO (2013)
For Violin and Piano
Composed for Xiang Yu and Mei Rui
Duration: 6:00
Premiere: Xiang Yu (violin) and Mei Rui (piano) at the Louvre Museum Auditorium; September 2013

Multitude, Solitude (2013)
For String Quartet
Commissioned by the Momenta Quartet
“Multitude, Solitude” was made possible by a grant from the American Composers Forum
with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation
Duration: 15:00
Premiere: Momenta Quartet at the Chelsea Music Festival (New York, NY): June , 2013 

Quartet for Oboe and Strings (2012)
For Oboe, Violin, Viola, Violoncello
Commissioned by the Winsor Music (Peggy Pearson, Artistic Director)
Duration: 11:00
Premiere: Winsor Music with Peggy Pearson (Brookline, MA): April , 2013 

Threads (2011)
For Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Piano
Commissioned by the New York Youth Symphony Chamber Music Program (First Music Commission)
Duration: 7:00
Premieres: Carnegie Hall Weill Recital Hall and Symphony Space with members of the New York Youth Symphony Chamber Music Program: April , 2012

Forever is Composed of Nows (2011)
For Soprano/Mezzo Soprano and Piano
Commissioned by Neal Zaslaw
Duration: 4:00
Premiere: Judith Kellock and Mike Lee, Cornell University: May, 2011

Four to One (2011)
For String Quartet
Composed for the Momenta String Quartet
Duration: 8:00
Premiere: Momenta String Quartet, Cornell University: March, 2011
Additional performances with Nouvel Ensemble Moderne at Shanghai Conservatory New Music Week (China) and in Montreal (Canada); American Modern Ensemble (New York)

Bright Light (2010)
For Percussion Quartet
Composed for the Purchase Percussion Ensemble
Duration: 8:00
Premiere: Purchase College Conservatory Percussion Ensemble: November, 2010; November, 2012

Spires (2010, new version in 2013)
For Woodwind Quintet
Composed for Chamber Music Campania
Duration: 8:00
Premiere: Chamber Music Campania (Italy); June, 2013

Spires (2010)
For Brass Quintet
Commissioned by the Mirari Brass Quintet
Duration: 8:00
Premiere: Mirari Brass 2010 Tour: March, 2010
Additional performances with the Ohio River Brass Quintet, Boston New Music Initiative, Ithaca Brass

Dreamcatcher (2010)
For Clarinet and Viola
Duration: 3:00
Premiere: Tanglewood New Fromm Players at the Tanglewood Music Festival: July, 2010

Gathering (2009)
For Violin, Cello, Piano
Composed for the Damocles Trio, Commissioned by the Community Unitarian Church of White Plains, NY
Duration: 4:00
Premiere: Damocles Trio: April, 2009
Additional performances with the Damocles Trio at the Composers NOW Festival at Symphony Space: February, 2010

Wing Over Wing (2009) 
For Soprano and Violin
Commissioned by ASCAP/Society of Composers, Inc. Student Commission Competition
Duration: 9:00
Recorded on PARMA Records “Society of Composers, Inc. CD Series” with Joseph Lin, violin and Amanda Kohl, soprano
Premiere: Marshall University, SCI National Student Conference: March, 2010
Additional performances with Joseph Lin and Judith Kellock, Cornell University; Summer Sounds Music Festival; 
New Voices at The Catholic University of America with members of the Great Noise Ensemble); Hudson Valley Music Club

Wing Over Wing (2009, rev. 2013) 
For Soprano and Flute/Alto Flute
Original version commissioned by ASCAP/Society of Composers, Inc. Student Commission Competition
Re-orchestration composed for flutist Alice Jones
Duration: 9:00
Premiere: Alice Jones at CUNY Graduate Center, October 2013

Walls of Light (2009) 
For Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Piano and Percussion
Composed for the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble
Duration: 7:00
Premiere: Aspen Contemporary Ensemble at the Aspen Music Festival: July, 2009
Additional performances at the Tanglewood Music Center: 2010; Purchase College Conservatory Contemporary Ensemble, Cornell University; Spectra Ensemble, 2012 ISCM World Music Days (Belgium): November, 2012

Three Sculpture Meditations (2008) 
For Piano and String Quartet
Commissioned by the Composers Conference and Chamber Music Center
Duration: 11:00
Premieres: Composers Conference and Chamber Music Center: July, August: 2008

Reflections (2008) 
For Two Trombones
Duration: 2:00
Premiere: Musicians from Indiana University at the Waldron Theatre in Bloomington, IN: March, 2008

Four Sculptures (2007)
For Two Trumpets
Duration: 12:00
Premiere: Oberlin Trumpet Institute, Oberlin College: July, 2007
Additional performances with the Reveille Trumpet Collective at the Banff Centre (2010), Sound Symposium (2010) in Newfoundland, Canada; others at Indiana University, Fulbright Recital in Utrecht (Netherlands), Midwest Composers Symposium, Cornell University, Midwest Graduate Music Consortium at Northwestern University, Yale School of Music

Onement (2007, rev. 2017) – alternate version
For Flute, Bass Clarinet, Vibraphone, Electric Guitar, Violin and Baritone Saxophone
Duration: 6:00
Performances: International Contemporary Ensemble, Brown University: March 2017

Onement (2007) – original version
For Flute, Bass Clarinet, Vibraphone, Electric Guitar, Violin and Double Bass
Duration: 6:00
Performances: Indiana University: April 3, 2007
Additional performances at the Wellesley Composers Conference: 2007; Syracuse Society for New Music: 2007; 
Ball State University New Music Festival: 2008; Cornell University Contemporary Chamber Players: 2009;
Purchase College Conservatory Contemporary Ensemble: 2009, 2012

Rothko Musings (2006)
For Bass Trombone and Two Percussion
Composed for Robert Soto
Duration: 12:00
Premiere: Indiana University: November 2006
Additional performances at Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music Music07 Festival: 2007; New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM: 2008

Imaginings (2004) 
For Soprano Saxophone and Piano
Recorded by James Noyes on his CD “Imaginings” (2012)
Commissioned by James Noyes, saxophonist
Duration: 9:00
Premiere: James Noyes, MOSA Concert Series, New York City: October, 2004
Additional performances by James Noyes: New York Art Ensemble (Flea Theater, NYC): 2005; Stella Adler Acting Studio, New York: 2011; WSKG Binghamton: 2011; MOSA Concert Series, NYC: January, 2012.

Berkshire Fanfare (2002) 
For Brass Quintet
Duration: 2:00
Premiere: Boston University Tanglewood Institute brass players, Tanglewood on Parade opening festivities:
August 2002